The South lands (Kal’sa’Dan) had been separated from the Northern lands for over 100 years by a mysterious barrier. That barrier was a mystery for a while until it was discovered that it was powered by a powerful mage that goes by the name of Isail Silverhand. Since then the barrier was referred to as The Ward of Isail. Isail is one of the strongest wizards in the world. He has a company of four other wizards: Soll, Sari, Faldor and Baruk. On their journeys, five of them have found something that would grant great power, but since they couldn’t share it they decided to magically seal it behind a barrier. Isail accepted the role of the one who would keep the barrier up at all times through concentration, and Soll accepted to keep Isail and other wizards protected by his own barrier hidden away in his cave. They surrounded their towers with a force field and they employed their Battle Golem Protector to roam the borders of the force field. After a while Ba’ruk started craving power and decided to betray his friends and take what they found so many years ago, but he was unable to surpass the barrier. He tried teleporting through but with little effect. He tried to travel to other planes and from there somehow access the forbidden power but he was attacked by the Order of Inter-planar Wizard Guardians who prevented him from his vile intentions. He then returned to his own plane and enraged, he killed Sari and Faldor, but he couldn’t harm Isail nor could he find Soll. He then built the magnificent keep in front of the barrier to protect him self further from the Wizard Guardians. After another failed attempt he decided to wait for his opportunity. Meanwhile the new Cult was formed, lead by the infamous son of tree mothers and tree fathers (Demogorgon, Graz’zt and Orcus) the dark [[:Gor’Zuk]]. The young Cult leader got carried away with his power and he challenged Ba’ruk but, he was defeated and mortally wounded. He vowed to regain his power and return to the Abyss and slay his fathers. Worried by the appearance of this dark spawn, the gods of light (Pelor, Heironeus and Tyr) made an alliance and made a blessed warrior that is sent to kill the dark prince Gor’Zuk. The Paladin was much stronger then drained Gor’Zuk, so another pact of deities (Ares, Thor and Kord) pulled their cards. Yet another warrior was brought into this world,, to keep the balance between good and evil, yet he was tricked by Loki into putting on the magical cuff that withered half of his power away but through righteous deeds he can rid him self of the cuff. He is accompanied by his Einherjar-like friend, a fierce viking warlord Content Not Found: Johan.

Incomprehensible Sources of Power

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