Isail Silverhand

Greatest wizard of the Southern lands, known as the Silver Mage


Role-playing character only… Very powerful, but no stats or character sheet Wearing a red robe with golden ornaments on the seams, cuffs and around the neck, he has silver-coloured skin and white hair, he changed his pigment colour accidentally while experimenting.


One of the five great wizards of the Southern lands, went to the same magic school as Sari, Soll, Faldor and Ba’ruk and they have been best friends ever since. For their finishing project at school they’ve built a shield guardian that was infused with their powers, and after a long time of service he became aware of himself and is one of the most powerful protections and one of the most obedient servants to them. Isail lives in his tower and is concentrating on keeping the barrier for over 100 years.

Isail Silverhand

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